Influence Hub ($INFLHUB) Releases Auto BNB Tracking dApp

$INFLHUB Holders Can Now Track Auto BNB Rewards

Earn BNB every hour by holding $INFLHUB

Ever since Safemoon took flight on Binance Smart Chain, a proliferation of tokens have incorporated the ‘relfection’ function to their tokenomics. That is, after each transaction on a token’s network, a small percentage of the transaction fee is automatically distributed to all of the current holders. The more of an asset you hold, the more reflection you get.

$INFLHUB works a little differently. Upon every transaction there’s a 12% fee, 5% of which goes into a BNB reward pool and is distributed to holders every hour. Unlike tokens with reflection, those holders who decide to sell some or all of their bag within the hour will NOT get rewarded. Plus, many of the tokens out there typically offer 3–4% distribution. In other words, $INFLHUB holders get a higher percentage cut BOTH because of a high fee distribution and sellers not earning BNB rewards for the hour (= more for the diamond handed).

Track your BNB rewards with Influence Hub’s new dApp

Curious about how much BNB is in the reward pool each hour and how much you’ve earned by holding $INFLHUB? Drop your wallet address into the new dApp and track both in real time.

The dApp aggregates all the current tokenomics onto one simple form and allows you to track both your $INFLHUB and BNB reward balances. Four days into the project and 51 BNB have already been distributed to holders, clocking in about $16,000 of rewards for current holders! Some of which knew exactly what to do with those rewards:

7/1 Market Update

The broader crypto market is seeing downward pressure as Bitcoin is currently making a crawl down to a strong support zone just above $32,000. If this support holds, a fresh incline could soon be in the works. BNB, which is underperforming BTC on the daily chart is bouncing off a daily low of $278 at the time of writing and is down more than 4% for the day. INFLHUB experienced its first major correction today, following the overall market trend. Bullish momentum remains intact as strong support is showing up around $4.5e10.

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